Pokies Jackpots

The world of pokies is a competitive one and with jackpots continually getting bigger and bigger, the records for biggest ever win are always being broken. The reasoning behind this due to progressive jackpots, where the pokies jackpot is linked to thousands of other pokies across the country. This means each player on each machine is contributing towards the total jackpot.

With online pokies, players across the globe can contribute towards the progressive jackpots, leading these record-breaking wins. In fact, most online casinos now have pokies with progressive jackpots in excess of $5 million! Mega Moolah is a particular favourite of ours, where there have been jackpots of over $5 million on more than one occasion. This is a great pokie game for those who like huge jackpots.

Our other favourite progressive jackpot pokies include Gold Rally at Playtech casinos such as Winner, where jackpots regularly exceed $1 million. The other progressive jackpot game from Playtech is Beach Life, where jackpots have been known to exceed $2 million, but are paid out less frequently.

Obviously, with competition from players around the world, the odds of winning these progressive jackpots are low. But just like the lottery, winners do happen and quite often the amount of money involved is life changing!

Below you can see our top recommendations for the best casinos and pokies for progressive jackpots.